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The lawyers at Carney Law Firm are experienced in handling workers’ compensation claims for those who have been injured at work in the Lowell area for over 25 years. We have successfully handled claims for those employed in many lines of work, including construction, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, sales and many other occupations in the Lowell area.

Free Client Consultations in The Lowell Area

Although our office is located in Boston, our Lowell workers’ compensation lawyers can meet with new clients at their convenience either in the Lowell area or at our office in Boston. Those who have been injured at work and live in the Lowell area will have their workers’ compensation claim processes at the Department of Industrial Accidents’ Lawrence location, located at 354 Merrimack Street. Many people who live outside of Massachusetts, including residents of nearby Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont, travel to work in the Lowell area and are injured at work, including many construction workers. If you live in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont and are injured while working in or near Lowell, your Massachusetts workers’ compensation claim will be processed at the Department of Industrial Accidents’ Lawrence location.

If I Need Medical Treatment After a Work Injury, Where Do I go for Treatment?

If you live in or near Lowell and have suffered a workplace injury, you may receive treatment at one of the many healthcare providers in the Greater Lowell area which include the Lowell General Hospital, formerly known as Saints Memorial Hospital. It is important to note that if you are injured at work, you have the right to receive treatment from any doctor of your choosing so long as the doctor is willing to accept workers’ compensation insurance. When making an appointment with a doctor after a work related injury, it is advisable to inform the doctor’s office in advance that you were injured at work and will be paying for the treatment with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

If the workers’ compensation insurer denies payment for your treatment, your health insurer must pay for the treatment, at least until your claim for medical benefits at the Department of Industrial Accidents in pending. If you are forced to use your health insurance to pay for medical treatment for a work related injury, it is advisable to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately who can file a claim on your behalf at the Department of Industrial Accidents to compel the workers’ compensation insurer to pay for your treatment. By using health insurance, you will incur substantial co-payments and deductibles which will later be reimbursed to you if your workers’ compensation claim is successful.

What Benefits are Available?

Massachusetts’ workers compensation law provides the following benefits to those who have suffered a work related injury or death:

If I am Injured At Work, are any Benefits Other Than Workers’ Compensation Available to Me?

In addition to workers’ compensation benefits which can be limited, a worker who suffers a work related injury may seek additional compensation if the injuries were caused by the negligence of a party other than the injured employee’s employer, such as another contractor at a construction site, or the manufacturer of a defective machine or product. Carney Law Firm has extensive experience litigating third party negligence claims which can provide compensation in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, including compensation for pain and suffering. In addition to workers’ compensation and compensation from third-party negligence claims, many injured workers may also be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI).

All initial consultations with Carney Law Firm are free of charge, and we handle all workers’ compensation matters on a contingent fee basis, meaning we do not get paid unless we are successful in obtaining compensation on your behalf.

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