Workers’ Compensation for NFL players

Professional football players like other Massachusetts employees are covered by the workers’ compensation laws of our state. Employers in Massachusetts, including the New England professional football team, are required by Massachusetts state laws to provide workers compensation benefits to players who are injured on the job. In order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, you do not need to file a lawsuit against your former employer. Claims are filed at the Department of Industrial Accidents (“DIA”) and you may be required to attend proceedings at the DIA in Massachusetts in order to obtain benefits.

Our firm has represented hundreds of professional athletes seeking compensation for their injuries from all major North American sports leagues over the past twenty five years. We work closely with the player, their families, agents, and player’s union to ensure that the injured professional athlete receives the maximum possible compensation for injuries sustained playing professional sports.

Experience Matters

Attorney Gerard B. Carney has been a member of the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) workers’ compensation panel for the past twenty five years, successfully obtaining benefits for injured professional football players. Attorney Gerard B. Carney has also successfully obtained injury benefits for other professional athletes injured while playing in professional baseball, basketball, soccer and other professional sports leagues. Attorney Brendan G. Carney has been a member of the NFLPA’s workers’ compensation panel for the past five years, and has obtained several significant settlements of former NFL player’s workers compensation claims since he was appointed to the panel.

What Benefits are Available?

Professional athletes who are injured while playing for their professional sports team may be entitled to monetary benefits and medical expenses. Benefits include:

  1. Medical: Lifetime, 100% coverage of medical treatment that is reasonable, necessary, and related to the injuries sustained at, or caused by your employment.
  2. Wage loss benefits*:
    1. Temporary Total Disability: provides for $1,383.41 weekly for a maximum of three (3) years amounts to $215,811.96
    2. Partial Disability: provides for $1,037.56 weekly for a maximum duration of five (5) years amounts to $269,764.95.
    3. Permanent and Total Disability: A permanent disability award if you are permanently and totally disabled from all other forms of gainful employment as a result of your football injuries. A permanent disability award is payable for life up to a maximum of $67,170.48 annually (i.e., $1,291.74 weekly).
  3. Compensation for permanent loss of bodily function, scarring and disfigurement for injuries that cause permanent problems.
  4. Vocational Rehabilitation: In cases where you are unable to return to football due to injury, vocational evaluation and training for a new occupation is possible at the expense of the worker’s compensation insurance company.

Often times, athletes are released from their playing contracts after a disabling injury has occurred. At this point, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who will protect the rights of the injured player pursuant to applicable state workers’ compensation law as well as other possible compensation rights pursuant to player union collective bargaining agreements, such as injury protection benefits which may pay up to 50% of the NFL contract. Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC combines extensive knowledge of the Massachusetts workers compensation statute, player contracts, and collective bargaining agreements to successfully represent professional athletes, not only in obtaining monetary compensation, but also ensuring that the insurance company for the athlete’s former team continues to pay all past and future medical bills incurred due to the sports injury. If you have suffered head trauma or concussions during your career in the NFL, you may be eligible to participate in the NFL Head Trauma Litigation and receive additional compensation for your injuries.

Free Consultations, Cases Handled on Contingent Fee

As with all other workers’ compensation claims, Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC does not charge attorney fees for client consultations. If a claim is filed and we are successful in obtaining disputed benefits, attorney fees are assessed against the insurance company which is disputing the claim for compensation. When our firm successfully negotiates a favorable settlement, our fee is based on a percentage (usually 20%) as set forth in the Massachusetts workers’ compensation statute.

Client Reviews
Brendan, I cannot adequately communicate how meaningful your role has been in this life-altering experience. I can say "Thank You!". I do it from the bottom of my heart, but I thought I would attempt to show you just a snippet of the impact you have had on m life, and, i can imagine, on the lives of others like me. Blessings! Kristy
Brendan was very understanding and supportive emotionally as well as being knowledgeable and experienced legally. He worked with us to achieve the best possible outcome in a very difficult situation, and we would highly recommend him. Sam
Brendan was great in my case. He was very professional and made sure I fully understood every step that was happening in my case. Every thing I signed he made sure I understood all the fine print and he explained it very well.He negotiated way more then what I thought I was going to receive. Brendan always stayed in constant contact with me and was very easy to get a hold of for any and every question I had about the process. Very thankful to have worked with him. Greg
"… I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you. You always said it was your job but it seems to me it is your calling. Anyone with enough hard work can be a lawyer or a nurse but not all can express empathy, compassion and infinite patience to guide others through a confusing and difficult journey …" Anonymus