Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries can cause an injured worker and their families a great deal of emotional stress and anxiety. Work injuries often cause lost wages due to disability from work, the need for costly medical treatment and a great deal of pain and suffering. Mounting bills and the inability to provide for one’s family can have a profound effect on an injured worker and their family. Often times after a workplace injury has occurred, the injured worker’s employer may threaten to terminate employment due to the employer’s fear that the injury will hurt his company’s profitability. Our firm is committed to guiding our client’s through the confusion, complexity and frustration that happens after a work injury.

Those who are injured while working are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation provides injured workers with a partial wage replacement benefit for periods of time where the injured worker suffers any wage loss due to an injury. Workers’ compensation insurance is also responsible for paying for 100% of any medical treatment that is deemed to be caused by a work accident and is determined to be reasonable and necessary, meaning injured workers should not pay any copayments or deductibles.

Because workers’ compensation benefits are limited and often times are not adequate to fully compensate an injured worker for the harm caused by a workplace accident, it is important to conduct a full investigation into the facts surrounding the accident to determine whether there may be a third party negligence claim. Injured workers are barred by law from suing their employers for negligence, however they are entitled to seek compensation for 100% of past and future wage loss, 100% cost of their medical care and compensation for pain suffering caused by negligent third parties. Therefore, the possible recovery from a third party negligence case often far exceeds the benefits available from workers’ compensation claims. Possible negligent third parties may include a general contractor or another trade contractor (subcontractor) on a construction site, the manufacturer of a dangerous tool or machine, the driver of another vehicle, or a property owner of an area where the injury took place.

A Full Service Workplace Injury Law Firm

Attorney Gerard B. Carney has been practicing workers’ compensation law in Massachusetts for over 30 years. During this time he has earned both a local and national reputation for his success in representing a wide variety of injured workers in workers' compensation claims, including those employed in the building trades and professional athletics.

Prior to joining Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC, Attorney Brendan G. Carney practiced plaintiff’s personal injury law at a well-known Boston law firm. Attorney Brendan G. Carney gained valuable experience litigating third party negligence claims including claims arising out of workplace accidents such as construction site accidents, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability and product liability claims. These cases often resulted in six and seven figure recoveries for his clients.

Coordination of all Claims

The Carney Law firm is a full service workplace injury law firm. We are able to successfully coordinate all possible claims for benefits arising out of a workplace injury, including workers’ compensation, third-party negligence and Accidental Disability Retirement. Many times an injured worker will have numerous types of claims arising out of a workplace accident. Each claim has separate laws that apply, and often times there are many overlapping issues with each claim that can affect the overall compensation received by an injured worker. As a full service workplace injury law firm, Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC is able to handle all of your claims under one roof, making the process less confusing and easier on our clients, while at the same time ensuring that our clients obtain the best possible outcome.

If you would like more information about benefits available to those who have been injured on the job, please contact our office today. All of our consultations are free of charge, and you will have your call returned by one of our attorneys. All workplace accident claims are handled by our office on a contingent fee basis, meaning you do not pay any legal fees unless we recover money on your behalf.

Client Reviews
Brendan, I cannot adequately communicate how meaningful your role has been in this life-altering experience. I can say "Thank You!". I do it from the bottom of my heart, but I thought I would attempt to show you just a snippet of the impact you have had on m life, and, i can imagine, on the lives of others like me. Blessings! Kristy
Brendan was very understanding and supportive emotionally as well as being knowledgeable and experienced legally. He worked with us to achieve the best possible outcome in a very difficult situation, and we would highly recommend him. Sam
Brendan was great in my case. He was very professional and made sure I fully understood every step that was happening in my case. Every thing I signed he made sure I understood all the fine print and he explained it very well.He negotiated way more then what I thought I was going to receive. Brendan always stayed in constant contact with me and was very easy to get a hold of for any and every question I had about the process. Very thankful to have worked with him. Greg
"… I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you. You always said it was your job but it seems to me it is your calling. Anyone with enough hard work can be a lawyer or a nurse but not all can express empathy, compassion and infinite patience to guide others through a confusing and difficult journey …" Anonymus