NFL Head Trauma Litigation

In August of 2013, a group of 4,500 former NFL players reached a tentative $765 million settlement with the NFL and the NFL team owners for the player’s claims arising out of the NFL head trauma and concussion litigation. The settlement has yet to be approved, but if approved, a monetary fund will be established wherein players, or a deceased player’s surviving heirs, will be able to file a claim seeking compensation from the settlement’s trust fund for pain, suffering, and medical bills caused by repetitive head trauma and concussions. Players who have retired before the date that the court approves the settlement will be eligible for compensation from the fund. Highlights of the settlement include:

  • Claimants do not need to prove that their cognitive impairments (which may include headaches, dizziness, memory problems, speech problems, sensitivity to light, dimentia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease) were caused by trauma while playing in the NFL (i.e. “causal relationship’). In our opinion, this settlement term is extremely important to most players, because it otherwise would have been difficult for players to meet their burden of proof in establishing that the harm was substantially caused by playing in the NFL, in light of head trauma likely sustained in pop warner, high school and college football prior to their NFL careers.

  • Claimants do not need to sue the NFL or anyone else in order to receive compensation if you elect to opt in to the settlement – the lawsuit was already filed, litigated, and settled. Our firm will obtain the documentation and evidence necessary for you to submit your claim to the fund and present your claim in the best possible light to the fund’s administrator.

  • Claimants and their family members may receive up to a maximum of $5 million, with the amount of compensation being based upon:
    1. Age;
    2. Severity of symptoms; and
    3. Years played in NFL.
Why Choose The Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC?

Since the lawsuit was filed and the settlement terms have been reached, many lawyers across the country have decided to advertise their services to former NFL players in need of compensation. Many of these lawyers and law firms who have advertised their services to former NFL players and their families have absolutely no prior experience in handling professional athlete injury claims or even personal injury claims.

Prior to the NFL head trauma and concussion class action lawsuit, our attorneys had represented hundreds of former NFL players in claims for compensation based upon injuries suffered during their careers, including head trauma and concussions. It is important to consult with an experienced sports injury law attorney who will protect the rights of the injured player and receive maximum compensation for their NFL Head Trauma lawsuit claim. Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC combines extensive knowledge of traumatic brain injury, concussion, and head trauma science and medicine with our knowledge of NFL player contracts and the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement to successfully represent professional athletes in obtaining maximum compensation, and also ensuring that all medical bills incurred by NFL related injuries are paid by workers’ compensation insurance.

Many other lawyers and law firms that are advertising their services to former NFL players are signing up as many clients as possible without regard for what the former players and their families are actually going through due to the harm caused by repetitive head trauma and concussions. As with all of the different types of injury cases our firm handles, Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC is dedicated to maintaining a low volume of clients so that we can establish close relationships with players and their families, and dedicate whatever resource necessary so that you and your family receive maximum compensation for your injuries and are informed throughout the entire process.

Our firm is dedicated to retaining the leading experts in science and medicine to evaluate your injuries in order to present your claim in the most favorable light to the fund’s administrator who will be appointed to determine how much compensation a player and their family are entitled to. The medical experts we work closely with have access to the most advanced cutting edge technology which can be used to show damage to the brain in situations where that damage is not yet causing symptoms. This cutting edge, advanced technology allows us to obtain maximum compensation for players who have not yet experienced the full effects of their injuries which could develop in the future after their case has been settled.

As with all other injury claims our office handles, our firm accepts NFL Head Trauma and Concussion claims on a contingent fee basis. All consultations are free.

If you are a retired NFL player or family member of a retired NFL player who is experiencing cognitive deficits and are interested in learning more about compensation available to you or your family, contact our office today at 617-426-9797, or fill out our free case evaluation form.

Client Reviews
Brendan, I cannot adequately communicate how meaningful your role has been in this life-altering experience. I can say "Thank You!". I do it from the bottom of my heart, but I thought I would attempt to show you just a snippet of the impact you have had on m life, and, i can imagine, on the lives of others like me. Blessings! Kristy
Brendan was very understanding and supportive emotionally as well as being knowledgeable and experienced legally. He worked with us to achieve the best possible outcome in a very difficult situation, and we would highly recommend him. Sam
Brendan was great in my case. He was very professional and made sure I fully understood every step that was happening in my case. Every thing I signed he made sure I understood all the fine print and he explained it very well.He negotiated way more then what I thought I was going to receive. Brendan always stayed in constant contact with me and was very easy to get a hold of for any and every question I had about the process. Very thankful to have worked with him. Greg
"… I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you. You always said it was your job but it seems to me it is your calling. Anyone with enough hard work can be a lawyer or a nurse but not all can express empathy, compassion and infinite patience to guide others through a confusing and difficult journey …" Anonymus