Bus Accident

Traveling on a bus should be a safe, inexpensive, and extremely practical way to travel. In recent years, bus ridership statistics confirm that more and more people are relying on buses for their transportation needs. A lot of people also prefer traveling by bus instead of by vehicle mainly because it is an effective way to save money on gas and other natural resources. Unfortunately many people are injured every year in unnecessary bus accidents caused by the careless maintenance or operation of a bus. Bus accidents and the injuries that they may cause can result in significant harm, including death.

What Causes Bus Accidents?

There are several possible causes of bus accidents. Bus crashes might be due to driver error, and in other cases mechanical defects regarding the bus or other vehicles might be responsible. Bus companies and also individual bus drivers have the duty of transporting passengers in a reasonably safe manner. In order to determine the cause of a bus accident, often times an expert in accident reconstruction must be retained by your Boston bus accident lawyer to determine the cause of the crash and who was at fault for the crash. Much like all motor vehicle accidents, speed, inattention, cell phone use or carelessness by the bus driver may be possible causes. Other possible causes could be faulty brakes or other faulty maintenance of the bus.

What to do after a Bus Accident?

Because of the volume of passengers that ride public transit, accidents involving buses could very well cause devastating injuries. The absence of seat-belts in the bus might also bring about the intensity and frequency of injuries. Bus accidents involving many passengers are likely to result in a chaotic accident scene, with paramedics, EMTs, police and fire responding to the scene. The bus transit company is also likely to send investigators to the scene. As with any crash that results in serious injury, your first concern should always be to seek all necessary medical treatment in order to properly diagnose and treat your injuries. When you are first able to do so, it is also suggested that you contact a Massachusetts bus accident lawyer as soon as possible so that your attorney can begin to investigate the cause of the crash and preserve all available and necessary evidence in order to strengthen your claims for compensation.

Harm Caused by Bus Accidents

Injuries caused by a bus accident can easily result in costly medical bills, loss of income, as well as physical and emotional suffering. The more serious the injuries, the more likely it is that more financial harm will be caused. Our experienced team of attorneys have the ability to litigate your bus accident case, by retaining respected expert witnesses (accident reconstruction, medical, vocational, economic, life care planner, etc) and if necessary, going to trial in order to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. The Carney, Rezendes & Crowley, LLC prides itself on our “low volume” practice, meaning we do not sign up many clients because we are selective in the quality of cases we decide to pursue. This approach allows us to dedicate more resources (both financial and time spent by attorney on your case) to your case in order to prepare your case for trial. Although most bus accident injury cases, as with most all other personal injury claims, settle prior to trial, you are not likely to receive a full and fair settlement unless the defendant and their insurance company recognize that your attorney is fully prepared to try your case in front of a jury and is capable of doing so.

If you would like more information about bus accident injury claims, please contact us today. All of our consultations are free of charge. If we decide to pursue your case on your behalf, we will do so on a contingency fee basis.

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