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About Carney Law Firm

Carney Law Firm represents injured people and their families throughout Greater Boston, Eastern and Central Massachusetts. Carney Law Firm represents clients seeking workers’ compensation benefits at all Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) locations, including Boston, Fall River, Lawrence, and Worcester. The firm also represents clients in personal injury litigation matters, including construction site accidents, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability and product liability, in the many courthouses located throughout all counties of Eastern Massachusetts.

Experience in all Aspects of Work Injury Law

Carney Law Firm was founded in 2010 by Attorney Gerard B. Carney and his son Attorney Brendan G. Carney. Our firm is a family-owned practice and focuses its practice on representing injured workers and their families. Attorney Gerard B. Carney has focused his practice in the areas of workers’ compensation, sports injury, occupational disease, motor vehicle accident, social security disability and accidental disability retirement law since 1980. Attorney Gerard B. Carney has been a partner at three of Boston’s most well-respected workers’ compensation law firms, including founding partner of the former Hislop, Carney & Troupe and Carney & Troupe law firms.

Attorney Brendan G. Carney has been practicing workers’ compensation and personal injury law for more than 10 years. Prior to founding Carney Law Firm with his father, Brendan gained valuable experience litigating complex personal injury claims at a downtown Boston plaintiff’s personal injury law firm, including construction site third-party negligence, motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, products liability and premises liability claims which yielded many six and seven figure monetary recoveries. Prior to founding Carney Law Firm, Attorney Brendan G. Carney gained valuable courtroom and jury trial experience litigating third party negligence cases in courtrooms throughout the Commonwealth. In recent years, Brendan has achieved some of the highest workers’ compensation settlements in Massachusetts, including a $2.2 million settlement for the surviving spouse of a laborer who tragically lost his life in a trench collapse.

Attorney Jeremy Carroll joined the firm in 2017 and has added to the firm’s commitment to handling all claims arising out of workplace injuries. Attorney Carroll gained courtroom experience defending indigent criminals for the Committee for Public Counsel Services. His acquired courtroom skills allowed him to easily transition to handling personal injury claims for a highly regarded Boston area plaintiff’s firm prior to joining the Carney Law Firm. His addition to the Carney Law Firm team has allowed our firm to achieve increased success with our third-party negligence claims arising out of workplace injuries.

A Full Service Work Injury Law Firm

In January of 2010, Attorney Gerard B. Carney and his son Attorney Brendan G. Carney combined their past experiences to form a full-service Boston injury law firm, serving the needs of clients in the areas of both workers’ compensation law and personal injury law. The firm also represents injured and disabled people in the areas of Sports Injury and Social Security Disability law. The ability to service all of our client’s workplace accident and disability claims for benefits is valuable to our client base because they do not have to turn to multiple lawyers or law firms to handle such claims. Often time when separate attorneys handle your workers' compensation, third party negligence and/or social security disability claim arising out of the same accident, a lack of coordination between these attorneys can have negative consequences on the outcome of the client’s ultimate recovery. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to coordinate all of our client’s work injury claims in order to ensure that they receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

Carney Law Firm has earned a national reputation for our representation of professional athletes in Massachusetts workers’ compensation claims. Both attorneys, Gerard B. Carney and Brendan G. Carney have been selected to participate in a select group of attorneys chosen by the NFL Players Association to represent injured professional football players in workers’ compensation claims, including those arising out of concussions. The firm has represented hundreds of former NFL players in obtaining cash settlements and lifetime medical benefits for injuries suffered during the course of an athlete’s career in professional athletics. Our attorneys are frequently requested by various groups to speak and educate professional athletes on the topic of Massachusetts’ workers' compensation benefits.

Carney Law Firm is one of the most well-respected injury law firms in the Boston area. Our three attorneys have over 55 years of combined experience representing injured and disabled workers. The firm proudly represents a diverse client base of injured workers, including sheet metal workers, electrical workers, pipefitters, iron workers, laborers, truck drivers, carpenters, food and commercial workers, professional football players, as well as many other building tradesmen. We also represent a large number of workers employed in the healthcare, financial services, transportation, hotel, bar and restaurant, entertainment, nightclub, and manufacturing industries. Our firm has handled claims on behalf of many state and municipal employees in both workers’ compensation and accidental disability retirement (ADR) claims.

Protecting The Rights of Injured Workers and Their Families

Our firm prides itself on our experience, professionalism, and the personalized attention we provide to each of our clients and their families. Our goal is to help our clients and their families put their lives back on track, whatever the problem or issue may be. Carney Law Firm is dedicated to the exclusive representation of injured people and their families, and has never represented insurance companies, employers, or corporations, thereby eliminating any potential conflicts of interests that may arise for other law firms who choose to do so. The firm continues to advocate for the rights of injured persons and their families by actively supporting legislation that supports the rights of workers and consumers, and opposing legislation that helps to increase profits of insurance companies and corporations at the expense of injured workers, consumers, and their families.

Client Reviews
Brendan, I cannot adequately communicate how meaningful your role has been in this life-altering experience. I can say "Thank You!". I do it from the bottom of my heart, but I thought I would attempt to show you just a snippet of the impact you have had on m life, and, i can imagine, on the lives of others like me. Blessings! Kristy
Brendan was very understanding and supportive emotionally as well as being knowledgeable and experienced legally. He worked with us to achieve the best possible outcome in a very difficult situation, and we would highly recommend him. Sam
Brendan was great in my case. He was very professional and made sure I fully understood every step that was happening in my case. Every thing I signed he made sure I understood all the fine print and he explained it very well.He negotiated way more then what I thought I was going to receive. Brendan always stayed in constant contact with me and was very easy to get a hold of for any and every question I had about the process. Very thankful to have worked with him. Greg
"… I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you. You always said it was your job but it seems to me it is your calling. Anyone with enough hard work can be a lawyer or a nurse but not all can express empathy, compassion and infinite patience to guide others through a confusing and difficult journey …" Anonymus