Brockton Social Security Disability (SSDI) Lawyers

Carney Law Firm attorneys have been proudly representing Brockton area residents and workers who have been wrongfully denied Social Security Disability benefits for over 25 years. If you live in the Brockton area and are unable to work for at least twelve (12 months) due to a physical or mental impairment, and have worked for five (5) out of the past (10) years, you may be entitled to monthly Social Security Disability Insurance benefits from the Federal government.

Located in Plymouth County with a population of over 90,000, Brockton is the 7th largest city in Massachusetts. Brockton rose to prominence in during the Civil War as the United States’ largest manufacturer of shoes and leather products. In the early part of the 20th Century, there were thirty nine (39) shoe manufacturers located in Brockton that employed over 13,000 employees. The last shoe factory in Brockton, FootJoy, closed its doors in 2009.

If you live in or near Brockton and are in need of medical care, there are several area hospitals including Signature Healthcare’s Brockton Hospital and also the Good Samaritan Medical Center. These two medical facilities also happen to be Brockton’s largest employers. Brockton is home to Massasoit Community College, a two year community college which provides higher education and many jobs to Brockton area residents.

Generally in order to receive monthly Social Security Benefits, one must have worked for five (5) out of the past ten (10) years and be able to establish, usually through your medical treatment records and your doctor’s opinions, that you are totally disabled from all forms of gainful employment for at least 12 months. In order to prove that you are totally disabled from all gainful employment, you must meet one of the Administration’s “listings of impairment” or if you do not meet the listing prove total disability by demonstrating that your age, education, and previous work experience render you totally disabled.

If you live in the Brockton area, you can apply for SSDI benefits at your local Social Security Administration Office located at 30 Christy’s Drive in Brockton, or apply online at Your Brockton Social Security Disability Insurance claim hearing, if your claim progresses to that stage, will be held at the Social Security Administration Office of Disability and Adjudication and Review’s Boston location, located at One Bowdoin Square.

There are generally three stages of a Social Security Disability benefit claim, which include the initial application, request for reconsideration and administrative hearing (which is held before an Administrative Law Judge, or “ALJ”). If you are denied benefits after a hearing, you may appeal the ALJ’s decision and file a complaint in the United States District Court – District of Massachusetts.

If you would like to speak to one of our Social Security Disability (SSDI) lawyers you should contact us by calling 617-426-9797, toll free at 800-640-2667 or by completing our online contact us form. As with all of the types of cases our firm handles, the initial consultation with one of our Social Security Disability attorneys is free of charge. These claims are handles on a contingent fee, meaning we only get paid if we are able to obtain benefits for you. The contingent fee on a Social Security Disability claim is generally 25% of any retroactive award, capped at a maximum of $6,000.00.

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